A weekend trip through Gràcia’s district

Saturday morning. A sunny day plenty of opportunities and motivations to get lost through Barcelona streets. So, do not hesitate. Put your sneakers on and get ready. Gràcia is a charismatic, proud and bohemian district, prepared to welcome you. And how!

The charm of Gràcia surrounds every corner of the street, and the district breathes neoclassical modernism, from the Park Güell to the Casa Fuster. Just as a reminder, the district peculiarity relies on its origin. Gràcia was an independent town founded as a parish in 1628, that was swallowed up as the city spread out but retain its unique identity.


The spectacular Casa Vicens is our first stop. Covered with a green and white oriental tile, this architectonical piece of art witness to the first steps of Antoni Gaudí as a genius architect. Classified as a UNESCO heritage site and designed with Arabic style, it is a love declaration to nature and treasure hunt in every little element that compounds the house.

After leaving it, centenary boutiques, narrow streets, independent theatres, art studios, and cultural centres fill the streets with poetic names. Gràcia invites you to lose yourself and choose the best terrace to have a cold drink and something to take a bite in one of its countless squares: Plaça de la Virreina, Plaça del Diamant -which Mercè Rodoreda turned into a universal novel-, or Plaça de la Revolució. There is always the perfect spot for you.

Living the authentic lifestyle

After visiting Casa Vicens and go shopping, walk through Verdi street and feel how it moves the baton of the neighbourhood. Eat something in one of its multicultural restaurants and feel almost every possible flavour among the globe. A short stop before going to see a movie in Verdi Cinema, one of the city cinemas which offer the original language version on screen.

Going down the district, you will meet Casa Fuster built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, at the top end of Passeig de Gràcia. Considered as one of the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona and the modernist movement, it has become a luxury hotel that embraces Cafè Vienès on the ground floor, which offers jazz sessions every Thursday.

Finally, but not least, if this is the first weekend of the month, remember that streets are free of cars because of the “Obrim carrers” lead framed by the environmental and mobility concern. People and residents fill the road with activities, street markets, and experiences to enjoy of the most your weekend.

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