Enhancing its appeal is the main challenge of Barcelona during the new normal this summer. Day-to-day activity gradually returns to its normal path, while prevention measures spread across them to ensure people’s safety. And what is more important, it arrives just when summer comes.


Quiet, relaxed, and active. Living in Barcelona these days offers safety and responsibility, but also one great opportunity. How? For example, have you imagined visiting Park Güell with families playing with its children while the only sound that arrives to your ears is birdsong? Or maybe coming down Las Rambles without all that Sunday crowd and being able to choose the best table in any restaurant of La Barceloneta?


Well, this is just happening. With the arrival of the good weather the desire to rediscover the city turns unstoppable. Any excuse is good to do it. Feeling the fresh air while strolling, running, or riding through Collserola or Montjuïc to delight with the views is one of the greatest examples. One of the consequences of the pandemic is the reduction of CO2 so you could stare at the city with a unique perspective of color and brightness.


The main touristic hotspots and museums of the city have reopened with all their effort and good willingness to the public with special offers and free passes to the local community. A unique opportunity to make Barcelona yours. Park Güell, la Sagrada Família, and almost all of the modernist places offer special visits. For example, la Sagrada Família lets you visit the basilica for free every weekend in the afternoon, with a reduced number of places due to the Covid safety measures. So select one and go for it!


Despite the situation, Barcelona is not staying still this summer in the leisure sphere. With the Forum Nights experience are going to bring music live performances from July to September in the Parc del Forum with a several amount of local artists confirmed and a diverse selection of gastronomy. But this is not limited to music. Grec festival is another of the great summer festivals dedicated to theatre and performing arts that is back it unique experiences adapted to the new normal.


Finally, what is more important, we cannot forget the food and local gastronomy. The best time to know and taste local products and to familiarize them with neighborhood markets to give them support. A time to bet for sustainable and nearness food while crossing by open market such as La Boqueria, Santa Caterina, or Sant Antoni. And while doing so, sitting in your preferred terrace or that one that you always wished for to eat out.


These are just a few examples of all the things to do and experience. In the current situation, maintaining safety, responsibility, and respect for each other is going to be fundamental to live and savor the city. Bearing these three elements in mind will grant you a personal experience with the city like no other. Be ready!

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